CARD Cold Transport Kit


he CARD Cold Transport Kit uses a three-layer system (cold packs, thermos bottle, foam transport box) to ensure that the contents remain at a constant temperature.

The CARD Cold Transport Kit is designed so that the cold packs, thermos bottle, foam transport box and the sample to be transported fit snugly. This prevents saccadic movement during transport, thus ensuring the safe transport of your samples.

Examples of Usage

  • It is possible to produce mouse pups easily without the presence of a male mouse by using just the cauda epididymides of a male mouse, which have been sent safely and cheaply at cold temperatures using our cold transport kit. Simply preincubate the spermatozoa taken from the cauda epididymides in CARD FERTIUP Mouse Sperm Preincubation Medium, then carry out in vitro fertilization using CARD MEDIUM® , and finally transfer the embryos obtained into recipient parents.

  • It is possible to transport whole colonies of mice by using the CARD Cold Transport Kit to transport embryos at cold temperatures instead of live mice, then having the recipient institution transfer the embryos into recipient parents to obtain pups.

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