CARD HyperOva®

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CARD HyperOva® Superovulation Reagent for Mice

CARD HyperOva® is an enhanced superovulation reagent developed with the aim of inducing ovulation at a higher rate than possible following the conventional superovulation method (PMSG-hCG method). Using this reagent will enable more unfertilised ova to be obtained from less ova-supplying mice in comparison with the conventional method. Moreover, it is expected to increase the number of 2-cell embryos obtained using CARD MEDIUM® during in vitro fertilization to create genetically modified mice.

* Mouse Superovulation Regent CARD HyperOva® is produced and sold by Kyudo Co., Ltd. This product has  been patented.

CARD HyperOva®F.D.(freeze-dry)

CARD HyperOva®is an ultra-superovulation reagent that induces ovulation at higher efficiency.
This product can be stored refrigerated(4℃) by freeze-drying. It improved storage stability compared to conventional product.

Table. Effect of  CARD HyperOva® on various mouse strains

CARD HyperOva®の効果表
・ 7.5 IU of CARD HyperOva® or PMSG was injected to four-week old female mice, then 7.5 IU of hCG was administered 48 hours later. Thereafter all ova obtained 17 hours after the hCG injection were collected.
・ The in vitro fertilization rate is defined as the number of 2-cell embryos divided by the total number of ova (mean±SD).
・ Data referred from a paper published by Prof. Naomi Nakagata and Toru Takeo (Center for Animal Resources and development, Kumamoto University).


Ⅰ. Reduction in Experimental Animal Use (Contribution to 3Rs)
Using CARD HyperOva® enables us to reduce the number of female mice used for ovum collection by 1/3-1/4.
Ⅱ. Optimization of Genetically Modified mouse Creation and Preservation More ova can be obtained from less female mice using CARD HyperOva® than following the conventional method, which will facilitate in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer.
Ⅲ. Application to Valuable Genetically modified Mice Using CARD HyperOva® on your valuable genetically modified mice enables you to obtain a lot of ova from small number of females, thus enabling the large-scale preparation of embryos.

Product structure

Product name Standard
CARD HyperOva® Superovulation Reagent for Mice 0.6 mL  
1.0 mL  
 CARD HyperOva®F.D.(freeze-dry) 1Kit(2.0 mL) 
5Kit(2.0 mL) 

* Swollen area of an oviduct which has undergone superovulation and mice obtained via in vitro fertilization.

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